[LIVE NOW] ‘Manchester United 2-0 Everton’ Online Live Stream Today

He shared a video of himself scoring his first professional goal against Bradford with a classy left-footed effort into the bottom corner.

It was one of just two goals he scored in four years for Manchester United, a spell that saw him pick up a Premier League winners medal in 2001.

The retired player commentated on the goal in the video, which came after a well-time through ball from David Beckham.

It was posted on an account started just two days ago, which features the ex-United star discussing his time as a player.

The player in question, retired midfielder Luke Chadwick, is unrecognisable, with the 42-year-old now bald and sporting a beard that looked a long way off as a fresh-faced youngster at United.

Talking through his first United goal, he said in the video: ‘Becks with the through ball, Chadders with the finish, what a combination.

‘I was struggling there on the old left foot but found the bottom corner, perfectly times run, good first touch, brilliant second touch. Lovely balls by Becks.’

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