June 9, 2022 || 2:34 pm

Sergio Aguero responds to Alejandro Garnacho calling Cristiano Ronaldo “the best”

Sergio Aguero has weighed in on the Cristi’ano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi argument by responding to Alejandro Garna’cho’s social media post.

Garnacho had a me’morable day in his young care’er on Saturday, as he was named to Manchester United’s matc’hday squad for their Premier League match against Norwich. Int’erim manager Ralf Rangnick named the 17-year-old to the substi’tutes bench for the first tim’e.

Despite the fact that he did not pl’ay in the 3-2 triu’mph, the youthful winger has been tipped for big things at Old Traff’ord. Rangnick noted before the game, “He has been traini’ng with us for the last two weeks and he is one of our most pro’mising pla’yers.” “He’s only 17 years old, but if he keeps his feet on the gro’und, he’ll not only be on the bench, but he’ll be playing for this clu’b.

The boy grew up idolizing Ronal’do, and after scor’ing for United’s Under-18s in a 4-1 win over Everton in Februa’ry, he even did his characteristic “SIUUU” celebration. As a re’sult, he was overjoyed when Ronaldo presented him with the m’atch ball at th’e end of the game.

Sergio Aguero responds to Alejandro Garna’cho calling Cristiano Ronaldo “the best”

Obviously, there were a lot of positiv’e words from his United academy teammates, but there was also one fro’m Agu’ero. Garnacho, who was born in Madrid and first represented Spa’in’s juvenile teams, was recently called up to Argentina’s seni’or squad, wher’e he had the opportunity to practice with Messi – an event that Ag’uero mentioned in his statement.

“Porque todava no jugaste con el me’jor pa @leo’messi,” the former Manchester City striker tweeted beneath Garna’cho’s Ronaldo photo in Spanish, which translates to “because you ha’ve not yet played with Lionel Messi.” Garnacho, who joined Unit’ed fro’m Atletico Madrid two years ago, is eligible for Argentina due to his Argent:ine mother’s citizenship, and owes his recent call-up to Argentina’s Und’er-20s coach, Javier Mascherano.

“They’ve always been really attentive and worri’ed about me since they became interested in me two or three mo’nths ago,” he explained. “He [Mascherano] is quite attentive, which I grea’tly appreciate. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a team with sta’rs of thi’s caliber and learn a lot from them. It’s a dream come true to b:e able to play on the same squad as some of my boyhood hero’es, so I’m goi’ng to make the most of it.”

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