June 15, 2022 || 6:43 pm

Ronaldo jr new Goal for Man Utd. Siiiuuu celebration like his father

Ronaldo but theyve got 17 minutes le’ft they tore their circles when Lewis had committed himself to the bowl next right or the referee didn’t even consider that

he turned in he was about to speak past him Ramos had committed himself and for the second season in a row essentially at

once he said nope against Barcelona by the sec referee these right moments robbed and he has thrown himself then my first thoughts were

it was probably a yellow but Tata lo’oks like I think hes right because he does go into footer Robert he’s every right to.

lovely turn appears he owed strips everybody puts it in front well it’s slightly behind but he should have hit the target in the esta walk and that

is Soares class once more from Kalin Abbas Tony crosses to slacken a bit for me rock how does love his rubber the steam gets around Casimiro Messi the one that is standing between Barcelona and a goal at the moment.
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