June 17, 2022 || 3:34 pm

Portugal vs Korea PDR 7-0 Highlights & Goals (HD video)

Cristiano Ronaldo is “still number one” in his never-ending battle with Lionel Messi, claims Ben Foster, with a former Manchester United team-mate of the Portuguese legend calling any critic of the great “completely insane”.

“. Questions have been raised as to whether a five-time Ballon d’Or winner is beginning to see his powers waning at the age of 37 as his presence – along with 23 goals – fails to propel an incoherent Red Devils side to a lead inspire – four finishes or a major trophy in 202122.

There have been suggestions he could head into the summer, but Foster sees no signs of a legendary figure slowing down and believes a foot like the greatest of all time is yet to come will get better you play “at least another year or two”.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the GOAT? Foster, who is currently on the books at Watford, once played alongside Ronaldo at Old Trafford and believes his record run puts him slightly ahead of Argentinian icon Messi in GOAT betting, telling The Mirror: “The level is as high as you like.

For a 37-year-old player, he is an absolute example. It’s still fast. He’s one of those guys who’s a natural goalscorer. “I think even this season people are completely nuts because they think it’s over. He’s not done yet.

Look how many goals he scored, it’s unbelievable. “It’s a fantastic season for everyone, but because it’s Ronaldo, people expect 30, 40, 50 goals. No, he plays in a team. that doesn’t shoot at full throttle, so you won’t score that many goals anyway, but when people say it’s done, there’s no chance. year or two at least.

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