June 14, 2022 || 6:54 am

Marcelo And 9 Other Footballers Who Cried When They Were Leaving Their Former Clubs (VIDEO)

After 15 years and 25 tro’phies, former Brazilian left back Marcelo Vieira has fi’nally called time on his Real Madrid career. As a sign of res’pect,

the 34 year old was given the oppor’tunity to speak for one last time earlier today, before hea’ding out of the Santiago Bernabeu. As emotions got the be’tter of him, the defender couldn’t just hold ba’ck the tears.

Football is a game encaps’ulated with different emotions and sometimes leaving a foot’ball club after so many years of service can trigger these emo’tions.

In light of this, ch’eck out 9 other players who like Marcelo also cried w’hen they were leaving their form’er clubs…
watch video click here

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