June 13, 2022 || 4:26 am

Lionel Messi 50 Legendary Goals Impossible To Forget

Lionel Messi has 50 go”als for Barcelona.

Don’t let the enormity of t’hat pass by: One of the most historic clubs in the world, wi’th a history littered with incredible players, and the gre’atest of them all has reached the improbable haul of 5-00 strikes beating goalkeepers in competitive act”ion,

500 celebrations, 500 mom’ents where he reminded fans just how good he was, is and conti’nues to be. And to do it against archrivals Real Ma’drid probably makes it sweeter for the Argentina super”star.

How to pick a favourite, a be’st goal from 500? How to describe exactly how good they we’re, what they made onlookers feel and ex”perience?

We’ve selected just the fin’est 1 percent—Messis top five—and gotten the eyewitness acco”unts to explain why they made Messi…Messi.

But before you get to relive the mo”ments from the people who were there, here they are in a”ll their animated glory.
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