June 14, 2022 || 3:31 pm

Karim Benzema Extra Time Goal vs Man City [6-5]

Cristiano Ronaldo was th”e real game-changer in the game vs Villarreal FC last nig’ht. He scored a life-saving goal in the last minute of the mat’ch wh’en everyone was thinking it was over.

Manchester United fans we_re losing their hopes in the last moments of the match. Sudden”ly, they got a gift of simile from t’he

This was not the first time whe’n Ronaldo saved his team in the last minute. It has been a k”nown history that the last minutes of a football match pla’yed an important role in the winning of a te”am.

Players try their best in the la’st minutes of a football match. The same was the case in la’st night game, Manchester United vs Villarreal was go”ing on a level when the last minutes of the game chan’ged the destiny of Manchester Uni’ted
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