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  • Update Time : Wednesday, September 14, 2022
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Marco Asensio was looking for an exit before the end of the transfer window this summer but failed to find a viable option. It looks like he will be seeing out the final year of his Real Madrid contract now.

So far he has been limited in his participation though. Playing just 17 minutes in their seven games so far, Asensio was warming up when Ancelotti used his final substitute against Real Mallorca on Sunday, after which Asensio returned to the bench, angrily throwing away his bib.

Speaking ahead of Real Madrid’s second Champions League tie on Tuesday, Ancelotti was pleased with his reaction since. Marca covered his words.

“You cannot consider him young-young nor a veteran. At this moment he has to put up with it, he is doing well. The reaction to his [outburst of] frustration has been very good, he trained very well yesterday and he has done very well today.”

“This is what has to happen when a player gets angry. There are two reactions, train better or give up. He has a chance to play tomorrow.”

Los Blancos are not predicted to line up with Asensio against RB Leipzig. If there is one thing that Ancelotti is praised for above all else, it is his ability to manage personalities.

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