October 28, 2022 || 9:28 pm

(HD Video) ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ 100% Cheating Moments

The former French and Chelsea legend believes that is the reason why the 29-year-old was dropped for United’s last-16 second leg defeat to Atletico Madrid, which saw them crash out of the Champions League.

Red Devils boss opted for Fred and Scott McTominay in midfield instead on the World Cup winner.

There has long been a narrative that Pogba doesn’t work hard enough, though part of that may be down to his silky style of play as he makes things appear effortless on the pitch even when playing well.

The midfielder has, however, been a key creator for the Red Devils in the Premier League this season, amassing nine assists in just 16 appearances.

Although he did bring Pogba on in mid-way through the second-half to replace Bruno Fernandes.
‘Quality-wise you cannot compare Pogba to Fred, McTominay or Matic,’ Desailly told beIN Sports.

‘You allow him to be a playmaker behind Ronaldo he will take advantage.
‘When it goes well he is fantastic but if it doesn’t go well, offensively he has not brought what everyone was expecting and at the same time he will cheat a little bit.

‘He will not drop back and help the midfield with the defensive intensity the team is looking for.’
Fred and Scott McTominay although reasonably solid defensively, failed to inspire United to victory, and perhaps Pogba could have done exactly that if given more time on the pitch.

The French international has had a rollercoaster stint throughout his United career, which could come to a close in the summer, when his contract expires.

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