June 14, 2022 || 9:53 am

Cristiano Ronaldo Makes His Mother Cry After Scoring 2 goals

As time goes faster and faster and legends are growing old. Men replace men and lagend replaces legend.

But some of the legends are really irreplaceable like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Both are great players of the era who have contributed a lot to football.

After a heartbreaking dismissal of both of the legends from Champions League season 2020-21, there is a huge debate on social media about their career.

Especially Cristiano Ronaldo is facing a lot of criticism on social media because of his mistake for a goal for Porto FC.
Cristiano Ronaldo started a beautiful journey with the champions league years back when he was a part of Manchester United.

After his transfer to Real Madrid FC, he got a lot of success and won mega titles. He remained one of the most successful footballers in Champions League history. Even the league was called Ronaldo league by football fans.

Every height has a fall, and that fall for Ronaldo started when he decided to leave Real Madrid and Joined Juventus, three years back.

Ronaldo didn’t find a supporting team like Real Madrid in Italy and could not perform as well as was expected. Juventus was knocked out by apparently weak teams (Ajax, Lyon, Proto FC) in three seasons.

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