June 11, 2022 || 9:30 pm

Comedy Moments in Football – Ft Neymar, Ronaldo

Manchester United vs Manche ster City, this is going to be one of the greatest and best mat’ches of the season 2021/22. This game is very very impo’rtant for Man City who is currently at the top of the Pr’emier League table.

Manchester United is at the fift’h rank on the table and has got 47 points in the seas’on until now. Manchester City tops the premier league tab’le with 66 points. They are in a struggle to maintaining the’ir position on the table.

According to many predictions and ho’t debates on social media, both of the teams have very str’ong squad and lineups. This is going to be an intere’sting game tonight. Both teams have a huge fans follo’wing. They are very excited to watch the g’ame.
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