July 5, 2022 || 7:55 am

1 in a Billion Moments in Football

Football fans are enjoying a go’od time these days because two of the most popular and powe’rful tournaments are at their best. The Euro 2020 is at it’s best, some of the biggest matches are expected in t’he coming days. In the previous match, Portugal played a wonde’rful game against Hungary and scored three goals in the la’st some minutes.

On Saturday, Portugal will play their seco’nd group stage match against Germany and then on 24 Ju’n 2021, against France. On the other hand, Argen’tina who is playing in Copa America has played their first matc’h against Chile with a final result of 1-1.

With the new matches and w_ins, new records are also being made. Lionel Messi has recently sco’red a beautiful free-kick goal against Chile that made a lit’tle spike in his chart of free-kick goals. He has surpa’ssed Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo in all-time fr’ee-kick goalscorer. But, the game is not over y’et, Ronaldo has scored two goals against Hungary, he see’ms unstoppable in the tournament this year.

The GOAT race is not over yet, bot’h Ronaldo and Messi are going fast and well all the way. T’he sad thing about both legends that are making football f’ans worry is their age that is growing old day by day. Bot’h are football legends who contributed a lot to the foot’ball world and made football fans happy. People ar’ound the world enjoyed the game because of these two lege’nds.
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